Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hello everyone! I wish you a happy easter and hope that you and your family have a nice day! 
For today's post I thought about my "Must-have's" for spring and the transition to summer. I'm always interested in seeing what others suggest and like, that's a really good help I think, so I hope my list will also be helpful for you! :-)
I wish you a nice and pleasant day! 

xo, Kathi

1. A well fitting Trench-Coat: it's such an classic piece, which isn't just IN for like one season, a trench-coat is always IN.
At the end of the 19th century it was designed by Thomas Burberry. I think I don't have to mention that it is one of the most convenient item of clothing.
There are so many kinds of Trench-Coats, some are short, some are long, others are with leather applications. But then there are the "original" trench-coats, which are simply amazing.

Zara Trench-Coat

Bershka Trench-Coat
2. Boyfriend jeans: you can pair them with heels, booties or sneakers. They always look great and are really figure flattering.

Abercrombie Boyfriend jeans
Urban Outfitters Boyfriend jeans
3. High-Waisted shorts: they are so edgy and you can style them up and down. They are just amazing for spring and summer.
Abercrombie High-Waisted shorts
Urban Outfitters High-Waisted shorts
4. Striped T-shirt: it's great to pair with a Trench-Coat, Shorts, Boyfriend jeans,.. A striped Shirt is definitely an essential for your closet!

Zara Shirt
Juicy Couture Shirt

5. Knit Pullover: In spring the nights are still not too warm, so everybody needs a cozy knit pullover.

Forever XXI Knit Pullover

Juicy Couture Knit Pullover

6. Sandals: Every girl loves shoes, right? So what could be more important than finding the right spring sandals? The best choice when it comes to spring sandals would be a neutral color, so you can still have the more colorful colors in summer! :-D

Forever XXI flat sandals

Steve Madden Wedge-Sandals



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