Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prague: Day 2

Yesterday we got back from Prague, because we just stayed 3 days.
The second day was even more windy and colder than the first day and all of us were frozen at the end of the day. Therefor we saw a lot of great sights, for example the Radjin, which is Prague's castle. We had a really good time there and my mum and I also did a bit of shopping, of course!
I really enjoyed those three days!
Have a nice day,

love kathi!

P.S.: Sorry for my weird face expressions, it was just too windy! :-D

Ma new buddy (who wasn't talking to me, which broke my heart </3) :-D

I was wearing:

Hollister jacket
Yu & Me faux fur vest
Forever XXI scarf
Zara button up denim shirt
Zara jeans
Vintage belt
Felmini boots
Leather Bag which was once my mum's
One Green Elephant beanie

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