Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hello everyone! I wish you a happy easter and hope that you and your family have a nice day! 
For today's post I thought about my "Must-have's" for spring and the transition to summer. I'm always interested in seeing what others suggest and like, that's a really good help I think, so I hope my list will also be helpful for you! :-)
I wish you a nice and pleasant day! 

xo, Kathi

1. A well fitting Trench-Coat: it's such an classic piece, which isn't just IN for like one season, a trench-coat is always IN.
At the end of the 19th century it was designed by Thomas Burberry. I think I don't have to mention that it is one of the most convenient item of clothing.
There are so many kinds of Trench-Coats, some are short, some are long, others are with leather applications. But then there are the "original" trench-coats, which are simply amazing.

Zara Trench-Coat

Bershka Trench-Coat
2. Boyfriend jeans: you can pair them with heels, booties or sneakers. They always look great and are really figure flattering.

Abercrombie Boyfriend jeans
Urban Outfitters Boyfriend jeans
3. High-Waisted shorts: they are so edgy and you can style them up and down. They are just amazing for spring and summer.
Abercrombie High-Waisted shorts
Urban Outfitters High-Waisted shorts
4. Striped T-shirt: it's great to pair with a Trench-Coat, Shorts, Boyfriend jeans,.. A striped Shirt is definitely an essential for your closet!

Zara Shirt
Juicy Couture Shirt

5. Knit Pullover: In spring the nights are still not too warm, so everybody needs a cozy knit pullover.

Forever XXI Knit Pullover

Juicy Couture Knit Pullover

6. Sandals: Every girl loves shoes, right? So what could be more important than finding the right spring sandals? The best choice when it comes to spring sandals would be a neutral color, so you can still have the more colorful colors in summer! :-D

Forever XXI flat sandals

Steve Madden Wedge-Sandals



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prague: Day 2

Yesterday we got back from Prague, because we just stayed 3 days.
The second day was even more windy and colder than the first day and all of us were frozen at the end of the day. Therefor we saw a lot of great sights, for example the Radjin, which is Prague's castle. We had a really good time there and my mum and I also did a bit of shopping, of course!
I really enjoyed those three days!
Have a nice day,

love kathi!

P.S.: Sorry for my weird face expressions, it was just too windy! :-D

Ma new buddy (who wasn't talking to me, which broke my heart </3) :-D

I was wearing:

Hollister jacket
Yu & Me faux fur vest
Forever XXI scarf
Zara button up denim shirt
Zara jeans
Vintage belt
Felmini boots
Leather Bag which was once my mum's
One Green Elephant beanie

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prague: Day 1

Today my parents and I went to Prague and let me tell you: it's amazing here! The last time I've been here was about 4 years ago and I was able to remember that it is a beautiful city, but I completely forgot how great it is!
Unfortunately it's pretty cold here (like -3° celcius!) so we had to unpack our winter jackets again! :-(
All in all my easter holiday had a great beginning!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 

I was wearing:

Hollister jacket
Yu & Me faux fur vest
Marc O' Polo pullover
Bershka blouse
Pull & Bear jeans
Felmini boots
H&M bag

Some impressions of Prague:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Movie Night

Hello my dear readers!
Today I spent my evening with two of my very good friends! We had a lot of fun, at first we were walking to have dinner and after that we went to the cinema! :-)
We watched "Safe haven" - and guys, let me tell you: You HAVE to watch that film, we loved it a lot and it's so romantic… :-)
We took a bunch of pictures and all in all it was a really nice evening, so thanks to the 2 of you, if you read this! :-)
I wish you a nice weekend and to all of my austrian readers: have nice easter-holidays! :-)

P.S.: Sorry for the bad quality, my camera didn't want to focus and I have no idea why it didn't! :-(

I was wearing:

River Island Necklace
My Aunt's Ring
Urban Outfitters Army Parker
H&M Cardigan
Zara basic T-shirt
Pull&Bear Jeans
Doc Martens Boots
Louis Vuitton Speedy orange Graffiti 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Casual Saturday

Good morning! Yesterday my look was all about being comfy and casual. Because I was pretty tired I just throw over a cozy and fuzzy cardigan. After snowy days I was extremely satisfied that the sun was shining again!
Have a nice sunday & thank you for reading!

I was wearing:

Bershka cardigan
Zara blouse
Zara jeans
H&M cat eye sunglasses
french sole ballet flats

Saturday, March 16, 2013

After the hairdresser

Hello my dear readers! This morning I went to the hairdresser, at first I just wanted to have my hair cut, but then I spontaneously decided to get a new hair color, because I didn't really wanted to be this blond anymore. This dark blonde/light brown is nearly like my nature hair color, so I'm pretty satisfied with the result of my decision, even if it's a bit strange and unfamiliar at the moment. But I think I'll fast get used to my new look! :-)
I wish you a nice saturday!

Girls' Night Out

As I already told you yesterday, I went out with a really good friend of mine, and let me tell you, I had such a good time! In town we met some other friends and so our GNO was a bit over! :-D
Anyways, I wanted to create a comfy look, so I decided to just wear a shirt and jeans. 
I hope your weekend also began as good as mine and thanks for reading! 

I was wearing:
Zara leather jacket
iheart glitter shirt
Pull & Bear high waisted jeans
H&M bag and ballet flats

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank God it's Friday!

Hello my dear readers! I hope you have an nice evening/day, but I guess you do, because who wouldn't on a Friday? I'm so glad that the weekend finally arrived! I'm gonna spend the evening with one of my best friends going out, and I'm so excited about that. But before leaving I wanted to leave a short post for you!
Today it's really cold in Austria, so I decided to layer a bit again! ;-)
Have a nice evening/day and a good weekend!

I was wearing:

Yu & Me fur vest
Zara blouse
Zara Jeans
H&M ballet flats
Asos Clutch
H&M ring

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hello my dear readers! :-)
Sorry for not posting anything the last few days, but right now I'm so stressed because there are a lot of tests coming up, which is really annoying!
But anyways I wanted to share a little bit of myself with you, so I thought about showing you my "dream-items", that I'd buy immediately, if I'd have endless money! I guess we all have some of those weaknesses, right? :-)
I hope you enjoy stumbling through my wish list and thanks for reading!

Balenciaga - Giant 12 City Tote 
Balenciaga - Derby-Cutout-Boots

Balenciaga - Peeptoe-Booties

Saint Laurent - Arty gold-plated glass ring

Miu Miu - Madras two-tone textured-leather shoulder bag

Isabel Marant - Ankle-Boots Dicker

Gucci - Horsebit-detailed patent-leather Loafers

Charlotte Olympia - glitter kitty embroidered glitter-finished Slippers

Song of the last days: Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World