Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back at home!

Since yesterday I'm back from the skiing vacation I spent with a friend's family of mine. It was great and we've been snowboarding a lot. But know I'm happy to be back home. Also if it's pretty cold in upper austria, it was a lot colder where we've been skiing (-10°C). I'm very glad that my friends had me and I'm really thankful for the great week. So, with that being said, I want to start a new semester, which, hopefully, will be as great as the last was. 
As you can see there's still a lot of snow in austria, so i decided to wear my Felmini boots and a casual black coat. Spring - hurry up, please! 

I was wearing: 

One Green Elephant Beanie
Burberry Scarf
Bershka Blouse
Marc O'Polo Cardigan
Zara Jeans
H&M Coat
Felmini Boots

I just decided to show you some pictures of the beautiful austrian ski runs and landscapes. So if you want to have a skiing vacation, I would definitely recommend to go to Austria. These photos were taken in Carinthia. But it's also beautiful to ski in Tyrol or Salzburg.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New York City - I miss you!

I know that today's Valentines day, so i wish you a happy Valentine! But, what today's post is going to be is some pictures of NYC of December 2012. Today I wore a Zara NYC T-Shirt, which remembered me of NYC. So, i guess you guys should know that i'm totally in love with New York. I think there's no city that is more impressing, inspiring and overwhelming! NYC is a city you HAVE to visit in your life, otherwise you'd really miss something. I've been there for 4 times now, and everytime i went there i was like, i don't know, probably in a magicial type of parallel world to my real life. Maybe it's a stressful city to some people, but to me, it's just the perfect world! So, now it's time to show you some of my favourite impressions.

Brooklyn Bridge

view from the Empire State Building

Times Square

view from the Rockefeller Center

Grand Central Station

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Probably you don't really now what "Fashingsdienstag" means, basically it's an austrian celebration. So everyone wears costumes, they colour their hair or wear some crazy Make-up. It's just like carnival.
I don't really know if this day takes place in a lot of other countries, but I know that there's "Mardi gras" in France, which is actually the same, it just means oily tuesday and "pancake tuesday" in Australia, and i guess it's pretty clear what that means.
So, however, today's just a very funny day, but it's the first year i decided not to dress up as something crazy, that's the reason I decided to go with that cozy Tommy Hilfiger Pullover and to have a little "Faschingsflair" I decided to wear red lipstick, which is the Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel in "la sensuelle 40".

My glitter Cinderella Pumps 

Also a Tradition for Faschingsdienstag is to eat apricot "Krapfen",  I'm sorry but I don't really know how to expalin what "Krapfen" are, but I'm going to insert a picture for you.

That's what we call "Marillekrapfen" (=inside there's apricot jam)

I was wearing: 

Tommy Hilfiger Pullover
Pull&Bear Jeans
H&M bracelets
H&M Pumps

Monday, February 11, 2013

Layer's Monday

Today was just one of these days you really don't want to get up, because it's early, cold and too compfortable laying in bed. So, I figured that today was a layering day. I wanted to keep my outfit casual, comfortable and cozy, so I went with that nice blue cashmere and wool blended pullover. Underneath I layered a three quarters sleeved T-Shirt also in blue. To give it a chic touch I added a kind of jewel necklace. 

I was wearing:

Marc O'Polo cashmere/wool pullover 
Marc O'Polo ¾ quarter T-shirt
Pull&Bear Jeans
Bijou Brigitte necklace

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shopping-Saturday ahoi!

Because I was sick the last 3 days, everything I wanted to do today was going out! So my friend Lena and I went to town to go shopping. We had so much fun and I also want to thank her for being my "photograph" today!
It was important to me to wear something casual that also gave me warmth, so I decided to pair my favourite leather jacket together with a really warm and cozy cardigan. It was snowing the whole day so I thought that some warm biker boots would be a good finish for my today's outfit.

I was wearing:

Mango Beanie
H&M Necklace
Zara Leather Jacket
Abercrombie Cardigan
Burberry T-Shirt
Zarah Jeans
H&M Boots
River Island Bag

Song of the day: Daughter - Youth

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Loving Life; Ep. 1

What's the secret of loving life and being a carefree teenager? 

When you're a teenager there are so many doubts you constantly believe in and most times you can't get rid of them. Either you think you have it all and in the twinkling of an eye everything changes or you think all the other girls are perfect and you are just a little invisible something.

First instance: 
It's often hard to pretend that you're okay even if you're incredibly sad because life changes over a couple minutes and you can't take back whatever you did or said that led you into this whole crappy situation.
But often you've got to chose: either you run away from the problem or you face it and learn from it.

1. So far i learned that most times it's okay to pretend like the girl made of titanium with the heart out of steel. I guess that type of girl would choose the first option, and that's okay sometimes, but you can't always run away from your problems. It's better to face them, which leads to,

2. Even if it's really hard you should face your problems and try to figure out what the best thing to do would be and to try to learn from the situation. I know it's difficult to stay but how would you ever get what you want or deserve when you're always running? I think every girl (not only girls, also boys) deserves what she wishes for. And that doesn't include just what you can get, it includes fighting for your dreams and not to despair if it doesn't work out the first time you try "Fall seven times; stand up eight".  Believe in your dreams and don't sell yourself under your price! I know that you're stronger than you think you are.
And let me tell you a secret, if you think life will be easier when we're getting older, i have to disappoint you, it won't be easier, but we're gonna be stronger because of the failings we learned from.

Second instance:
Stop thinking about you being invisible! You're so much more than you think! Someday you'll know that i'm right, but until this day arrives, keep in mind that:

There are a lot of people out there and even if they keep pretending they are perfect - they'll never be. There are no "perfect" people out there and that's what people forget more and more nowadays. They are blinded by the "perfect girl" which was created and promoted by society. Even if it was just for "fun" at the begining, that "perfect girl" destroys a lot of lives now. Every girl thinks she has to be as near as possible to that "ideal idea of a girl", but they don't. We don't. We all should be unique and have some human failings, because they are what makes us interesting and complete.
We don't have to be ashamed if we aren't a size zero or if we don't have a bunch of designer clothes. It should be enogh if we'd just stop to pretend being someone we aren't.

So, what this whole post should tell you is that you're perfect with all your little imperfections and flaws that honor your humanity. Be yourself and stop pretend to be someone else, because every other person is already taken. It's hard to figure out who you really are, and i'm totally aware of that, but until you know who you are and what you want to be, i'm there for you to help figuring it out.

I'm gonna show you some outfit ideas in which you can mix a lot of personalities of yours and i hope that also your style is gonna push you a step forward on your/our journey.

Sincerely your

Austrian Fashion Blogger! ♥

Song of the day: Jessie J - Who You Are