Hi my dear readers! My name's Kathi.
I'm a 15 years old austrian girl, who's just in love with fashion and wants to give girls the confidence they need! :-)
You will probably think that I'm just a "little girl" and yeah, you're right, but that's the reason why I can say I know how it is to be a teenager. I'm young, but that won't hold me back from living what I love and that's what you guys should also do! You don't need to care about what others think, it's YOUR life and that's all that counts! :-)
With this blog I want to share my passion for fashion with you. I will try to upload a post as often as possible!
I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would be greateful for your opinion about it!

Thanks for reading! :-)

PS.: Maybe that picture is a bit weird, but that's who I am. My hair aren't perfect and neither am I and that's what my blog's basically about, being the perfect you!

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