Monday, August 12, 2013

City of Angels

The last place/city on our list was Los Angeles. Last time we've just been to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, so I didn't know what to expect, but now I can just tell you I LOVE LA! I love the spirit and vibe that's going on there. LA also doesn't seem like such a big city, because everything has its own space, so it's a really comfortable city. Know I really understand why everyone's always like "LA is such a great city!". I really miss being there.
Our first 2 days we spent in Hollywood and Universal Studios. It was really cool to see the studios and where they produce(d) so many famous movies/series.
Then we drove to Malibu to spend some time at the beach. The beach was beautiful and the waves were so big, so it was great to fun to jump into them! 
After 3 days we visited Venice Beach and my mum and I went a bit shopping afterwards, while my dad and brothers went to a football game.
The last whole day we've spent in Disenyland Anaheim. 

Walk of Fame

2 minutes spent in New York City

Beverly Hills


Santa Monica Pier 

Venice beach

Cuddling with my main bud

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