Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Probably you don't really now what "Fashingsdienstag" means, basically it's an austrian celebration. So everyone wears costumes, they colour their hair or wear some crazy Make-up. It's just like carnival.
I don't really know if this day takes place in a lot of other countries, but I know that there's "Mardi gras" in France, which is actually the same, it just means oily tuesday and "pancake tuesday" in Australia, and i guess it's pretty clear what that means.
So, however, today's just a very funny day, but it's the first year i decided not to dress up as something crazy, that's the reason I decided to go with that cozy Tommy Hilfiger Pullover and to have a little "Faschingsflair" I decided to wear red lipstick, which is the Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel in "la sensuelle 40".

My glitter Cinderella Pumps 

Also a Tradition for Faschingsdienstag is to eat apricot "Krapfen",  I'm sorry but I don't really know how to expalin what "Krapfen" are, but I'm going to insert a picture for you.

That's what we call "Marillekrapfen" (=inside there's apricot jam)

I was wearing: 

Tommy Hilfiger Pullover
Pull&Bear Jeans
H&M bracelets
H&M Pumps


  1. love this!


  2. schönes outfit!
    und natürlich leckere krapfen, schade dass schonwieder fastenzeit ist!