Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Clinique Facial Routine

Lately I've been pretty uninspired to blog. I mean I wanted to write to you, but I just didn't really know about what. So I figured it's better to have a little break than blogging about some trivial stuff.
Today I thought about blogging again, because I really hated that break.
So, I thought about all my options and thought that a lot of teenagers (I'm included if you don't know me) have to fight with acne and bad skin. I figured that my daily facial routine does a fairly good job, so I want to share my favorite products with you.

3-step anti-blemish solutions

1st step: Pump dispenser about 2-3 times. Massage gently over wet skin, avoid your eye area. Then rinse it off. Use this anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam in the morning and in the evening.

2nd step: Sweep it over your face with a soft cotton pad. Repeat every morning and evening.

3rd step: Apply a thin layer of the anti blemish solutions moisturizer also in the morning and evening. 

Where to get those products?

If you're living in Austria you can either get them at Douglas or Marionnaud. Also a lot of smaller parfumeries do have those products.

If you live outside of Austria, I will link some web sides where you can order them. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you a nice sunday!

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