Friday, April 26, 2013

Feeling the sun

 OMG. The last week was so amazing, everyday it has been like 25° C or even more. Unfortunately I didn't really wore like "nice" clothes last week, and also I was, to be honest, not really motivated, but now I'm back with full energy. 

Today I spent my afternoon with some friends at a river bar which opened again like two days ago I think. We always love to spend our days at the river, especially my best friend Anna and I. It's pretty cool there and it always feels like summer.

To "celebrate" our sunny day, I chose to wear an all white outfit. I love the different textures of the skirt and t-shirt. When it got a bit colder I just threw over my favorite parka, and off I went.

I was wearing:

Zara T-shirt
Hollister skirt
Urban Outfitters parka
H&M ballerinas
My mom's vintage bag, which she gave me as a present
blue bracelet from Spain

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